Skin Tear Awareness and Prevention a Campaign by Mena Medical

Aug: 23 - 2023

The event in Abu Dhabi was truly remarkable! We are delighted to see that staff members participated both face-to-face and online. This is an initiative that MENA Medical Supplies fully supports! Ms. Sheikah (Regional Sales Manager) works closely and collaborates with the end users to identify the gaps in healthcare and focus on possible solutions. This campaign aims to reduce the incidence of skin tears in every facility by educating staff members on the prevention of skin tears and how to manage them effectively. The guidelines set by ISTAP are the basis of our educational program, and we are committed to working closely with every facility in the UAE to help improve the patient’s quality of life by providing HCPs with the knowledge they need. This campaign will continue until we see a world without skin tears”. Together, we can make a difference!

View ISTAP Skin Tear Flyer